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Welcome to the only Dude Ranch in the
Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee!

All Inclusive American Plan Packages - All the meals, activities and entertainment are included in your package price. The only extra charges are if you choose to drink at the saloon, fishing license, horseback lessons, store and pictures, and service charges. Service Charge is a standard part of visiting a Dude Ranch. We recommend 15% of your pre-tax total.

During the high season or summer months, you can expect to enjoy everything a Dude Ranch has to offer. Our ranch offers not only the main ranch activity, horseback riding, but white water rafting, tubing, fishing, and working with cattle on horseback all included in the price. You will find yourself looking for nap time! You don't have to do all of the actitivies, since everything is available for you to choose.

If you are coming in the low season (not summer) you can expect horseback rides, cattle drives from April to October and maybe team penning. Team penning is weather related and the grounds have to be dry for safety reasons and so sometimes it just can't be offered. The only low season month that we do rafting is May, and it is the beginning trip on the French Broad River. If you choose to say only two nights during the low season you can't expect to be able to fit in everything, so you should expect horseback trail rides as the activity.

Here is a sample itinerary for the High Season which can change due to circumstances and other uncontrollable events like weather.

  • 8am for breakfast
  • 12:30 for lunch
  • 6pm for supper


Summer Itinerary 2014 - June, July, August listed below


Low season itinerary will be somewhat similar with some activities being less frequent or not offered at all depending on the month. May is the closest to the summer itinerary but not exactly the same. The closer you are to winter, the further away the below itinerary will be. IF you want everything our Dude Ranch has to offer, you should come in the summer months. Water activities usually are available between May 1st and September 1st, but might vary some due to water conditions or colder weather which affects the margins for 2 weeks on either end of the dates above. Low season is more relaxed and doesn't have a structured itinerary like the summer.

(Itinerary subject to change and modificaton without notice due to unforseen or uncontrollable circumstances)

2014 Itinerary


You can enter the ranch gates beginning at 4 pm. Supper is served at 6 pm so please call if you're not going to make it by 6, because you'll need to eat on the way. After supper we will have a brief introduction period and then we will meet at the Round Pen for horse orientation around 7 pm. Everyone that wants to ride has to attend this event. After the Round Pen session, we will move back to the lodge for interviews which determine which horse will be assigned to you for the time you're here.


Breakfast is at 8:00am. After breakfast, everyone is assigned a group for the morning corral orientation and rides. The first ride is the blue trail which last 45 minutes and is by the river on mostly flat terrain. After lunch, the green trail is the next ride except one group will drive the cattle up. Supper is at 6pm then we do team penning. Team penning is a rodeo game in which three guests try to pen up to 3 cows into the box. You can go from a walk or trot up to a short gallop during team penning, but it’s up to your abilities as to what speed you go. Team penning is our #1 guest favorite activity!

After breakfast most guests will go on the White trail which climbs about 800 feet in elevation from the lodge and lasts about 1.5 hours, while up to 10 guests help us move the cattle back the the lower end of the ranch. After lunch, everyone gets to go on the beginning whitewater raft trip, which has rapids from class I to III and is considered a family trip. The raft trip lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on water levels at the time of the trip. Supper comes at 6pm. After supper everyone can participate in pioneer games, and afterward the kids can finger paint horses. For those 18 years and older, there will be an opportunity after pioneer games to shoot black powder pistols at fixed balloons.

Today we have guest departures and arrivals like Sunday. If you're leaving, you’ll have breakfast and then check out time is 10am but there isn't any activities for half week stays. If you're checking in, 4 pm is earliest you can get onto the ranch and orientation will take place right after supper weather permitting. For guests staying the whole week, there is a ride in the morning. After lunch, there is tubing available for everyone or another horseback ride for those not going on the supper ride. Around 5pm we take out the Sunset Supper Ride. You will ride to a mountain summit, watch as the sun starts to go down, eat a trail meal, and then ride back to the ranch in the dusk of the day. This ride is limited to the first 20 all week guests that sign up as you make your reservations.

New arrivals will meet at the hitching post after breakfast for corral orientation (read Sunday night and Monday morning for details) and then go on the blue trail. For our week long guests, there are rides in the morning and in the afternoon, and 1 group will drive up the cows. Supper is at 6pm. Team penning follows.

We have a cattle drive for 1 group and rides for all others. After lunch Also for our week long guests, the progressive riding lessons ($25/participant) are after lunch. You will get to trot and proceed to cantering once you have your balance in a small pasture with instruction for 45 minutes. During this time we hope we can improve your riding skills.

After lunch we have horseback rides and the last cattle drive.

After supper, we will have the kids rodeo ages 5-12 and after that the square dance with live musicians for 1 hour.

After breakfast, we have the advanced whitewater raft trip (ages 8 and up plus 60lbs) OR horseback rides for anyone not rafting. In 2014 the advanced whitewater raft trip will only be included for week long guests. If you are staying the 4 night package, there will be a $25 dollar additional charge. After lunch and the raft trip we have horseback rides. Also for those advanced riders that have been approved to go, we have the galloping ride as the last ride of the day. After supper, the bluegrass band starts at 7pm for two hours of great Smoky Mountain Bluegrass music.

After breakfast, we say our goodbyes until your next trip to the ranch. Check out time is 10 am. If this was your first trip to the ranch, be sure to always check out the repeat guest discount now that you've stayed here. Happy Trails!

There are times and rides which are occur at the same time, which means you can't do both. Please sign up for the supper ride in the summer when you make your reservation, and it may fill up and you might not get to go.

*blue trail=1 hour flat ground ride with hardly any elevation change-recommended for anyone with fear of heights
*green trail=1 hour ride that goes up in elevation 200 feet above the river level
*red trail=1.5 hour ride that goes up 600 feet above the river level with good views of the mtns around us: also the sunset supper ride location.
*white trail=1.5 hour ride that rises up 800 feet above the river level with fantastic views

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